Unemployed VeteransIt’s beyond sad to see the unemployed and the underpaid struggle in our communities. It’seven more troubling to know that there just aren’t enough good paying jobs to meet the needs of everyone. I have said this before in past, that the true issue isn’t not having a job, it’s not having an income!  There is a solution to this issue and most people haven’t thought about it! It’s right in front of them every day and they are clueless!  Read the rest of this entry

It’s Possible, Creating Your Own Economy!

I have learned, the best way to predict our future is to create it! The reality is, we will be It's Possible, Creating Your Own Economycreating it either way! What most people haven’t thought through is, how we will be creating it. That what we are doing would really have us living the kind of life we truly want.

Today most people are living the kind of life they really didn’t want.  They are working jobs they don’t like. Earning a fixed income day to day, week to week. The only way to earn more of an income would be to work more hours each day or week. In return, having less time to have a life.

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YOU, Can “Make a Difference”

“YOU”, Can “Make a Difference!” I can’t express this enough. You can make a difference in Making-a-Differenceyour life, as well in live’s of others. For whatever reason you may have never thought of the true value you have within yourself. You have the ability to change your own life. You have the ability to help change others. This post is meant to help you recognize the TRUE VALUE YOU HAVE to offer yourself, as well as others. That you do have it within you to Make a Difference. Read the rest of this entry

AIOP Review On TheUnemployedGenius.com

AIOPReview.com and TheUnemployedGenius.com have become one community workingSteve Jobs together to help change lives of those in need of an income. It’s always been our vision here with TUG to help others to “Make a Difference”.  Our vision is to truly change the live’s  of others. We know the real issue isn’t that people are in need of a job. That it is they are in need of an income. One that could truly multiply itself over time giving them more freedom. We also realize that people need to enjoy the work in which they have a desire to do. Read the rest of this entry

Unemployed? “Make a Difference” with AIOP Review

I want to share a vision we have here at TUG in building a sister site AIOPReview.com.  TUG  has just made it even more simple 2015-2016budgetsignsfor “ANYONE” to be able to take “Total Control” of their financial destiny. We have a 2016 challenge that could change your life for ever! Read on and watch this video below to get complete details. TUG has teamed up in using AIOP (All In One Profits) to help us build and promote our vision and dream in helping people as yourself to live your life without limits. I personally know that each and everyone one of us matters!

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Best Places For College Students To Work:

Some of the best places for college students to work can be as close as the computer! Collage Student 1Knowing good jobs for college students can be hard to find as well “stressful”,  realize “having a job” is just one way to earn an income. What I am about to talk with you about may come to you as a surprise as well a light bulb come on moment. I have learned the true issue isn’t “not having a job”, It is needing an income! Having a job can be good for some people. However having an income is much more vital. I’ll explain. Read the rest of this entry

Unemployed! Need an Income? We Can Help!

In a time where it seems hard to find a good paying job, let alone a job at all I have developed TUG, TheUnemployedGenius.com america_wants_to_work“Making a Difference”.   Helping the unemployed. Helping people who want a secondary or even a primary income. We are not a job service, however a solution in helping others to earn a real and passive income from the comfort of the internet way of your desktop, laptop, tablet or even cell phone.


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Everything you would want to accomplish will have some kind of basic steps 5-tips-for-a-successful-online-businessneeded in order for you to achieve it. I am not sure if you have thought about this. However this is very true. In most all cases it will require you to invest some of your time as well money. Let’s face it, preparing to achieve anything you will have to do the things required in order to achieve the kind of success you would be looking for. From buying the type of clothes you need to wear, the kind of vehicle you need to use, even learning the skills and methods needed to be able to grow in that niche.  It all takes time and effort.

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How to Manage the Time You Have!

manage_your_time_or_it_will_manage_youWhen it comes to wanting to do anything, I am hearing people say I just don’t have the time. Why is that? The last I knew everyone had 24 hours in a day! Why is it some people can get things done as others won’t?

Simple! They just don’t schedule it in their day to do it. Interesting! They have great plans on

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I have fond there is a huge difference in a job or service that pays us a linear pay verses one Linear or Residual Paythat pays us a residual pay. Most people never really give this a thought, until they don’t have an income because they were unable to go into work because of being sick or had an injury. Sorry to say, that at this point one was really caught with their pants down and no way to receive help. Let me explain:

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