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Personal Development Through Self Education



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TUG, The Unemployed Genius Is, An “Earn While You Learn” Personal Development and Financial Literacy  Crusade!


You Could Develop Yourself to HaveTotal Control Over Every Aspect of Your Life!  Living and Having The Kind of Future You Desire!   Through Our Sharing of Our Personal Development  Videos, Newsletters, and Live Webinars! – Together We Are Creating Added Income Streams to Our Home’s Reservoir as we learn and grow! 


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The Purpose of TUG, The Unemployed Genius

The purpose of TUG, The Unemployed Genius is to offer a real solution to earn an added income stream that could be a Secondary or Even a Primary Income stream over a period of time. TUG’s structural foundation and vision for Itself is the KEY as to why this could work for anyone who is willing to apply these principles and share our crusade to help reposition themselves as well as others for a better quality of life.  Be a Part of Our Vision! Consider Being a Part of The Crusade With Us! Let’s Develop Our Futures Together!

TUG Is Structured to Help You Grow as an Individual Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, and Financially!

As You Choose To 

Just Imagine

Imagine Earning Yourself The Kind of Life You Truly Want For Yourself, “Having Total Control Over Evey Aspect of Your Life While Learning and Earning an Unlimited Cash Flow By Simply Sharing Our Vision and Message Through This Crusade!  Join Us!!Make It Your Own Crusade

My name is Franklin McQuaid, I am the owner and founder of TUG, The Unemployed Genius! I believe that the best room to build on is the room for improvement!  This is why I am also into self- personal development! I believe everyone has a true purpose in life. That we all have value and something to offer humanity. And that humanity needs our contribution!

I have found it is truly possible to change where we are in life right now. Every one of us has it within us to reposition ourselves to live and to have that dream we so desire for ourselves! We need to make time to evaluate ourselves,  ask ourselves some serious questions to help open our mind’s eye to the true possibilities. Fair enough?

(Questions We Should Ask Ourselves)

1) Why Not Me? I’m Truly No Different Than Anyone Else! (Understanding Your Personal Value)

2)   If money weren’t an issue, how differently would my life be now? (Truly Think and Dream on This One) What If It Were Possible? 

3) What do we truly want from our life? Meaning, how is it we truly want to live? What is it we truly want to do, What is it we truly want to achieve? – (It’s not about who you are, rather It’s about who you will become!)

4)  If we were to keep doing as we are now, would we be on track to meeting any of those dreams or goals we just thought on? If not, wouldn’t you think it’s about time to change what it is we are doing and start looking for other options to get us there? (TUG – The Crusade!) “Making a Difference”

It is possible to reposition ourselves to have and achieve our dreams, goals, and desires for our life!  Let’s keep a positive and open mind here as we learn how it can be done.
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