It Is Possible!

I believe it is possible! I believe together we can change our life and our community.. I believe it is possible! I believe “IF” you truly wanted to earn a better income than you are now, it is possible! I believe in! I believe in people helping people! I believe a job is just a stepping stone to help others to unleash their own greatness with in. I believe a job is meant to just help people to get by but not a way to truly be having a life in achieve their dreams and goals for a better future.  Read the rest of this entry

Improving on Your Financial well Being!

Today is a great day to think of all the possibilities of what it would be like to have control of your financial well being. This can truly be a reality if you give yourself permission to have it. Stop believing that this can’t happen. The Unemployed Genius is a solution to help anyone who is willing to work , learn and apply what we have to offer you to better your overall financial well being in life.

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Your mindset is a vital key to achieving anything in your life. The right mindset can open doors in your life that no other key can open. The wrong mindset would also lock doors so you won’t be able open them. The only way to open that door would to be to change that mindset!  There is a difference in just believing and having a right mindset. Belief is just the start in achieving a right mindset. Belief is an ingredient to help enhance that mindset.  A mindset takes believing as well as focus and many other ingredients. Taking action in something is also an ingredient in a mindset. You see adding new and positive thoughts and actions will improve the value of your mindset. Read the rest of this entry

Overcoming Adversities.

Misfortunes,trouble,calamity,distress,hardship, and even disasters. How to overcome them? Life has it’s way in giving us all our own share of adversities. Remind yourself that it is not the adversity that will dictate your future. However it is what you do with the adversity. By creating a new and different mindset in taking control of the adversity rather then allowing the adversity to take control of you. It is your choice. You have a huge say in this. Realize at times we may not be able

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Being unemployed for most people would mean that they don’t have a job!  For other that they are not working.  Realize that there is a difference in not having a job and not working.  Let me put it this way. Having a job and working are truly two different things. Having a job is just one way a person can apply themselves to work to earn an income. Fair enough. Working on the others hand can be another way to be able to earn an income. Notice I left out the word job?  For a person who is unemployed, is the real issue that they don’t have a job? Or is it that they are out of work?  The true issue is they don’t have an income. It has nothing to do with being unemployed or without work. Read the rest of this entry

“Focus On The Dream”

We all have within us a dream and a desire to have and to achieve something in our life. Every single one of us. Either it is to have or to become this vision of hope and fulfillment of purpose in our lives. We all have it. For some, they may not even know the real reality of being able to achieve such a dream. However it is possible for you to achieve this thought, dream and vision of what ever it may be for you. Even now as you read this you can start to reposition yourself to achieve your dream and goals to live and to have a better quality of life. Living your dream!

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It Starts With The Mindset:

The power of a mindset is everything in helping us in our succeeding in “anything” in life. Personal and self development is key in our doing this. Be grateful for everything that you have. Be brave enough to face the challenges that face you in life. Be Passionate about what you do. Life comes in different forms, ups and downs are all part of the journey, but belief is the key that makes us strong and moves us forward., by taking Action you will be able to turn your dreams to realities.

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Helping The Student Debt Issue!

This post is to help bring reality to those who have the heart to truly accept what most graduates will face after graduation.  The videos you are about to watch are very real.  I want to help educate others in knowing the truth about education cost and debts.  At this same time I want to help by giving a solution to think over that can give a real advantage over most other graduates on the day of graduation. “A Real Income!” Fair Enough?

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Taking Care!

I need to talk today about taking care. What I see as really being able to take care of ourselves. Most people who have a job may think that they are taking care of themselves. They may have this job or two. They may even be renting or buying a home. For some they may even be earning a very nice income. In their minds they just may be doing very well.  Also from the eyes of others they may be doing very well. BUT ARE THEY?

The issue here is, all seems to be doing well as long as you are Read the rest of this entry

Becoming The Master of Our Future!

I would like to touch on the subject of becoming the master of our future. Knowing that we truly need to be concerned about our future, because we will be spending the rest of our life there. 
Do you  have that vision of what you want your future to look like? Do you know what you want in life? We have heard the best way to predict our future is to create it. This in itself is a job that takes work and much effort.
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