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I have fond there is a huge difference in a job or service that pays us a linear pay verses one Linear or Residual Paythat pays us a residual pay. Most people never really give this a thought, until they don’t have an income because they were unable to go into work because of being sick or had an injury. Sorry to say, that at this point one was really caught with their pants down and no way to receive help. Let me explain:

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Building Your Business Foundation:

In building anything you have to have a solid foundation. This also applies in building a home Foundation 3base business. I want to go over a few things to help you have a better understanding of some of the ingredients of a solid  foundation. When thinking of a structure as a house or a skyscraper  you would have to agree that not one foundation fits all. That you have to have the proper foundation for the purpose for which you are building. That would also go for building your foundation for your home business. Read the rest of this entry