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TUGThe Unemployed Genius

A day is what you make it! Each and every day is a true gift, so why not live it as to truly enjoy it!

It’s my honor and a true privilege to be able to work with you.  This truly excites me! I have had the vision for TUG  for a few years now as I have been tweaking it along the way! I had started learning on the internet and then became involved with marking online as well as personal development back in 2003.

So, YES!!!! I have been with this online industry for a while. I have seen just about everything. This is why I am so passionate about TUG, The Unemployed Genius! I had learned the best way to achieve your success online is to brand yourself and then become the leader! 

I discovered this while educating myself with many different personal development videos. I became addicted to personal development videos. I wanted to learn so much on how to be successful in life as well in this industry!

Now I get to share this with you! I call it “The Crusade”The Unemployed Genius Crusade!

 The Crusade and Movement

Our Vision

Making a Difference

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