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“Making a Difference In Our Community”

Leroy Collins:

I Dedicate This Segment To a Great Friend, A Brother, and Mentor – Leroy Collins: From The WheelChair To The NFL:

I am privileged and blessed to have cross paths with this man! Leroy is a very unique person with a story to tell. He sets the example of how a positive mindset and extremely hard work, with the will to “Never” Give Up, Can Have Your Dreams Come to Reality! It’s an honor I get to have in supporting and learning from this dear Friend I call a Brother!

The Leroy Collins Story:

Leroy Collins – Founder of The Dream Project

Dr. Pam Denton – Leroy CollinsTravis Blunt

Leroy Collins WRGB

Our Other HustlerColby Sutter – Author of – Freedom Clause

“Making a Difference In Our Community”

Colby and Johanna Sutter:

I personally had the privilege to hear Colby Sutter speak. This was when he was promoting his first book Freedom Clause: After he spoke, I got to meet him. We talked and I told him how much his speaking had spoken to me. I told him I wanted to get his book, he had only one with him.

And Colby blessed me with it. I read the book. Colby keeps nothing back in this book. It was like reading into my own mirror. When I heard Colby speak, he just resonated with me. Now we get to call each other a brother and friend! I even was able to attend one of his workshops from The Freedom Clause:

The Side Hustle Team:

Josh Del Favero, Colby Shutter, Johanna Sutter, and Melanie Chapman: