and have become one community workingSteve Jobs together to help change lives of those in need of an income. It’s always been our vision here with TUG to help others to “Make a Difference”.  Our vision is to truly change the live’s  of others. We know the real issue isn’t that people are in need of a job. That it is they are in need of an income. One that could truly multiply itself over time giving them more freedom. We also realize that people need to enjoy the work in which they have a desire to do.

Sharing Your Passion:

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to earn an income while sharing your passion? The things that make you who you are, that turn you on? This is one of the visions we have here with TUG, The Unemployed Genius as well our sister site AIOP Review. We believe in being creative and using what is at our availability as the Internet. We know that most people, no matter who they are have access to a computer, cell phone or even a tablet. They are on them every day. So why not build your own site known as a WordPress Blog using AIOP, All In One Profits. A unique suite on Internet Business Tools that can be utilized in many different ways. The earning potential can be unlimited. 

How We Can Help:

If you are serious about earning an income from home, by way of the internet then I suggest that you contact us. Let us talk with you to hear your vision and passion. Let us help ask you Free-Internetthe question that may have you think. If you are not sure as how building your own site as a WordPress Blog can help and build you an income, give us a call. Allow us to help open your minds eye as how this can be done. Maybe you just may need to visit some of our videos through our YouTube Channel. Maybe you should look over some of our blog post here, as well over at our sister site This just may be the help you are looking for.

Contact US:






Franklin McQuaid (315) 313-5360 EST: 

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