fall-setting-1Building a bridge from unemployed to financial wellness takes time, work and effort. We here at TUG, TheUnemployed Genius have a solution for those willing to work to achieve this. We do it the way of the World Wide Web. The reason is because it can be done anywhere. It won’t matter where you are if you can access the internet. We made this simple and doable for anyone who has an interest in taking total control over every aspect of their life. I want you to know, just because it is a simple solution does not mean it won’t take work. You need to have an open mind and a positive attitude. We use proven

services that deliver on what they offer our users. It’s a business! Your business! With all the benefits as any business would have. Meaning you get the tax write-offs. You also get us! A firm believer in community efforts. This is why we connected ourselves with other like-minded professionals within our industry. We invite you to consider joining us!

Building Bridges Together:

We understand It’s impossible to know what you don’t know. However, it is not impossible to learn. This whole World Wide Web industry is truly a unique and profitable way to earn an income.  We help you in understanding what it truly takes to succeed building any online business. Together we can draft a blueprint to building your online experience to meet your financial needs. We use what we call a progressive measure to help step you into building your own business and brand. 

Using Affiliate Marketing:

We use a concept known as affiliate marketing. We have interlocked ourselves with these affiliate services that are also known as our tools. We recognized the value needed for such228_0667 services to build any online presence. So we decided to use these services as a part of our business as our business. Knowing it can be duplicatable for everyone who chooses to do the same. It could bring an immediate pay as well a residual monthly, weekly pay as you build your business over time. How quick or how fast determines on your belief in yourself and this industry, as well your work ethic. There are always new things you can learn to help enhance your ability to grow quicker. We believe that creativity, as you learn, can be a key factor to your growth and earnings! Because it is a business “Your Business” and it needs to be treated as such. It’s a real and true solution for earning a passive and lucrative income!

Why AIOP, All In One Profits? 

AIOP offers a huge selection of services under one roof. Web hosting, autoresponder,capture page/splash  page builder, rotater, tracker and many other services for your online experience and use. Compared to most others, AIOP offers the lowest price and the highest compensation payout. To learn more on this you can visit our compensation page.

Receiving Web Traffic Using LAS, LeasedAdSpace:

office-internetWe realize in building “ANY” online presence you need quality targeted online web traffic! This is why we also use  and offer LeasedAdSpace. It generates traffic to TUG, The Unemployed Genius as well other services we use to generate cash flow as AIOP, All In One Profits for our business. LeasedAdSpace brings much value no matter what business you may be doing online. It delivers in so many ways!

Multiple Traffic Resources, with Multiple Benefits:

Truth be told, you need traffic to anything you would be doing online. Not only does LeasedAdSpace delivers traffic, it gives you an added cash stream to help build and enhance your business!  It has an unprecedented  8 x 7  forced matrix that offers the user a one-time fee per advertising tier structure, starting at $7.00. Although there is a huge possibility in earnings, I see the value in the traffic! There are seven tiers of upgrading when a person


chooses to add more traffic flow to their business. By the seventh tier, one can have unbelievable ongoing traffic flow to grow their business. The earnings you can earn would be by providing this information to your own business associates. When everyone is using both the AIOP, All in One Profits Business Tool Suite along with LAS, LeasedAdSpace, it will create a mass of traffic to all our sites and business. “KEY“, knowing how our compensation plan pays us, it won’t matter who would get a signup! Because we all benefit from pass ups, pass downs, spill over and so fourth!

These Two Affiliates Alone!   

These two affiliates alone, AIOP and LAS could change your financial future forever. Collage Students 4Understanding and knowing them, and how they work will be the difference in how you succeed in building any online business. Both are very low cost with huge returns! When joining AIOP, All in One Profits with us here at TUG, The Unemployed Genius, you will receive an already done for you 4-Step System for AIOP coded to you. All you would need to do is promote it on LAS, LeasedAdSpace to start getting traffic. 

We have an awesome community of professionals we interlocked ourselves with. You would be a part of a unique team of people. We even have own training website for everyone to use. Plus a Private Facebook Group for all our Community and Team members. You will always have access to someone to be able to help you along your journey! 

Contact Me:

Feel welcome to contact me. I want to answer all your questions. It’s our goal to help those as yourself to be able to have a life, and not just be living one. We look forward to working with you!







Franklin McQuaid – Email: IamTheUnEmploydGenius@gmail.com (315) 313-5360 EST:

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