Those that came before us who achieved financial wellness have done so by learning the vital importance of leveraging people, time and money. This is a true formula every person, company or business owner has to recognize. The fact is, without people nothing can get done.  Every job or career you’re looking to achieve requires people! They leverage people “YOU” to meet their end goals. “Money Earned for Them” You offer yourself as a service to them for a fixed wage or salary. Limiting yourself to what you can have and do in life. Reason being is because you have to keep going back each day to this job or career in order to work  “Serve” to get paid for that day’s efforts. Have you truly thought about this? What if you could leverage people in such a way you both could benefit? Would you? Hmmm! 

Consider How You Work and Get Paid:

What you do for work and how you get paid truly is a choice! You just may never have thought about this! Considering the fact no matter what kind of work you do, it still takes people to work and people to purchase! Fair enough? If people weren’t paying for something then people wouldn’t need to work. People are always paying for some kind of goods or services! Think about this. People are always working to provide some kind of good or service! So why not consider how you will be paid for the kind of work, goods or service you provide? 

 Getting Paid Repeatedly for One Task!

 What if you could be paid every week or every month for the task (work) you only did once? What if that pay could also multiply itself time and time again because of the task (work) you did? Would this interest you? This is just part of what our crusade is about.

Leveraging People, Time and Money!

Our crusade interlocked this financial formula secret, of leveraging people, time and money in a unique way. To help build everyone who shares our crusade and vision a residual income that would multiply itself for their financial future! I realize how this may sound. It’s the interlocking of the AIOP, All in One Profits services and compensation plan to our crusade that makes this possible! The low fee for the services and the handsome payout structure of AIOP is geared to have the user of AIOP to prosper in sharing the service. 
By sharing our crusade vision and using the AIOP services in building your WordPress blog, is what will over a period of time develop your residual cash flow! It’s all in the structure and foundation of one of our causes! To have total control over your financial future. This would with time also give you the time freedom in living the life you would develop for yourself.

Leveraging People by Helping People: “It’s Giving Back”

Recognize what is being done here. By sharing a vision of your heart that we all matter and have something we can contribute to humanity through our own individual website  (A WordPress Blog)  is the foundation to give back into our community as we as well earn a residual income. A two-fold blessing.  We leverage people by sharing our vision with them. Those who see our vision and takes action in our crusade would start earning you as well themselves an ongoing residual income stream. That over a period of time would then start to multiply itself! Would this make sense to you? 


Leveraging Your Time with People to Have Time!

By leveraging your time with people who take action in our crusade, creates more time for you to have as you earn from the benefits of them being in our crusade! Recognize the unique power and benefit of the AIOP even up compensation plan payout. This is one of the key factors of leveraging people who you would have never had before. With everyone embracing this crusade and doing their own thing with it would create a true financial cash flow for you to enjoy! The benefit of the cash flow is it would be a residual income cash flow that would multiply itself if you were able to work with it or not! Meaning, if you needed to have some personal time off or away from the crusade you would still be receiving an income that would still multiply itself for you even if you did nothing. Just because of your efforts from the start.

Leveraging $21.76 to Create Financial Wellness!

When taking action in our crusade, you had decided you would earn as you learn while you develop your very own website, known as a WordPress blog. By paying $21.76 a month to AIOP, All In One Profits to subscribe to their service would allow you to have the tools and services needed to build a successful website as well an online business. We are calling it our crusade and movement! As others follow suit with you in joining our crusade your $21,76 would come back to you having no out of pocket expenses to you. As it builds momentum when others come aboard the crusade your earnings would grow and multiply. As a Pro member with AIOP, you would be earning $15.00 per odd number subscribers and $15.00 per even subscribers that are past up to you. Again, please review the compensation plan payout. Very simple yet very powerful. 

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