The Unemployed Genius Vision & How We Earn!

One of the keys as for why this crusade works in developing your income stream is in the sharing of our crusade vision! Which Is:That You Matter and Have Great Value with Something to Offer Humanity, and That Humanity Needs Your Contribution!


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It’s Starts with Believing Our Vision!

We believe that all people matter, That we all have a purpose and a cause, and that humanity needs “YOUR” contribution! It won’t matter your age, gender, or educational level. We all have value! Something to offer humanity and humanity needs our contribution. To Learn more subscribe to our newsletter to your right today!

The Choices We Make:

Life is what you make it, knowingly of unknowing! How ever you were taught and believed in Don't be afraidlife has gotten you to where you are today! Plain and simple!!! I must remind you, It’s impossible to know what you don’t know! However, it’s not impossible to learn. First, you have to believe it is possible, and that it is possible for YOU! 

Most people are struggling just to make ends meet and don’t need to be. There truly is a real solution to be able to have total control over every aspect of your life. And it starts with your mindset! However you would believe, you will be! Hands Down!!! So whether you believe that you will, you won’t, that you can, or you can’t then you will be right! Understand this!!! It’s truly your choice!!! 

Each Day Is a New Opportunity, Forgive Yourself:

In order to move forward and keep focused on what can be ahead of us, we need to stop holding onto our past. It’s fine to look back as a way of learning, but don’t hold onto the fowl baggage! It’s vital to reposition your outlook and mindset. In order to achieve your new goals for your future, you must become something you may of never of been. It’s about living your life to have a life. Not to just get by. We do this by forgiving ourselves of our past doing. Whether we knew what we were doing or not. Fair enough? It’s time to start afresh! Today is a new day, today is a new beginning! 

Expressing Yourself as You Help Humanity: (The Crusade)

The vision of TUG, The Unemployed Genius is to allow others to have no excuse to not have an income. We give them a choice to earn an income with the same affiliate services we are also using! To build their own identity and brand on the World Wide Web. It’s about creativity! By using the affiliate services you would be able to take part in being “on” the World Wide Web, as well being able to earn good commissions in sharing the services both online and off.   

Everything we do interlocks to help enhance each other. Brings you even more of an income. Multiple streams of income if you will! These services know as affiliates, are also known as our tools. Services that every online business truly needs to get themselves out in front of the masses World Wide! This would also include targeted traffic to their affiliates sites or blog! 

Just as 1848, The Gold Miners:

You learn from past history! The ones who became financially well off back in the gold rush of 1848 were the people who were creative! The ones who opened hardware stores to sell supplies to the miners. Those who opened hotels to give them a place to shower and sleep. The bars to give them a place to relax and wind down and have fun. Those as Levi Strouse who created denim jeans for their work close.  

Consider the World Wide Web as the gold mine. You get to be the one supplying the tools and services for others to take part in it! We simply mirror what they did in the history of 1848! “Genius” isn’t it? We keep things basic! only supply what you would truly need to be successful online. These services and tools in themselves can be your business and “Gold Mine

Your No. 1 Vital Tool Bag and Suite, AIOP:

One key to anyone’s success would be to offer others what they truly would need for success then what they may want! Would this make sense? On this same note, you want to offer it at a price that is better than your competition. AIOP, All In One Profits Business Tool Suite offers what I feel are the best tools and services on the net hands down. Unlimited hosting for domains, a cutting edge autoresponder mailing service, A top of the art capture page/ squeeze page builder, a tracking system as well a rotator to help enhance the value in helping your team, your community members! All for the low price of $11.50 a month! You read that right! $11.50 a month. 

Now, before you get excited I want to share with you the whole compensation just to be fair. A standard membership is $11.50 a month that would earn you $10.00 a month per person that is in your geology. AIOP has a unique and powerful even one up compensation plan that truly enhances your ability to leverage your business.

I personally came in as a Pro Membership for $21.76. Reason being we earn more. $15.00 per person in our geology who joins as a Pro. Plus a $3.00 bonus for those who join through our links. The video above does a great jog explaining this. If you have any question, Please don’t hesitate to contact me to get your questions answered. I want yo to know up front, this is not an upsell!!! You simply have a choice on what your budget would have you do. Fair enough?

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