Q) What exactly is The Unemployed Genius? (TUG)

A) The Unemployed Genius (TUG) is a solution to help people to earn a great secondary or primary income! All from the comfort of their own home. We realize it is impossible to know what you don’t know, however it is not impossible to learn.  The Unemployed Genius is geared to educate the users as well provide the services needed in helping them to learn and build a successful online business from your home.

Q) Is there a cost to join The Unemployed Genius? (TUG)

A)  There is no cost in learning from us or using our site. You can join The Building Your Dreams Series for free. We do have ways to earn some money for free. As you want to learn how to earn more, you can become an affiliate with our other courses and services. The all interlock to enhance the value for each other.

Q) Do I have to join all the affiliates and services that TUG has to offer?

A) NO! However there are some courses and affiliate servces we recommend that you should join, as AIOP, All In One Profits, Enviralizer4 Corners Alliance Group,  and Traffic Monsoon. These four we feel would be key in your success.  Two of them are training courses that we feel are vital in learning this industry. You are going to need to know this information anyway. May as well buy the course and be able to sell them and earn an added income stream in what you will be doing. The power of leveraging!

Q) How much money would I be able to earn?

A) We can’t guarantee you are going to earn any income! By law we are not able to do so. It truly is about the effort you put into your business. We can say, if you don’t quit on yourself and learn the skills and methods needed that we offer here in TUG,  you should be able to have a successful business. It may come faster for some then others. If you are willing to learn and work through any struggles you may come across, I personally believe most can achieve success. This is why we have the tools in place to help you get traffic to your business All you need to do is plug into these services and learn to work and use them.

Q) Do I need to join  all four services, AIOP- All In One Profits, Enviralizer,  4 Corners Alliance Group, and Traffic Monsoon?

A) No! Not at all! Let me now ask you a question! How are you planning to build your business online? Realize, Enviralizer is a course that will educate you in all you are needing to know to build a successful business online.The Four Corners Alliance Group is there to educate you on how to keep most of your hard earned income. Ways that would bring huge value into you life in ways I know you would not have thought of yourself. The price tag is nothing to the true value the both are going to bring.

 Q) I realize I am looking to earn an income from home. What I didn’t realize is, why I would have to spend money to do it. What if I don’t have any money to get started . How would I be able to join 4 Corners or any other of these service?

A) Very good question! The purpose for The Unemployed Genius is to help people to earn an income by building their own business online. We are not a job service.  We help you in providing the methods and skills needed in building a successful online business of your own. This is why we have this platform. By understanding the services within TUG and how to use them you can become creative. For those who are serious about earning their own income streams from home, all they would have to do is plug into these services and interlock them together. OppSeekers is free to join. It also has a two tier pay plan. Traffic Monsoon is also free to join. You can view other peoples ads to receive credits. Use those credits to promote OppSeekers.  I personally would try finding a way to earn the little bit of money needed to join these few programs that cost to get started. Being there are no monthly fees, you should be able to make a way to earn the little bit of money needed to start your business.

Q) What are PTC Adverts?

A) PTC Adverts are Paid To Click Advertisements. Meaning you can be paid any where from .001 cents to .05 cents to view ads daily. It may not seem as much an income, however if you were to do this with a few PTC Adverts it can all add up. This is how I earned my first money over the internet. I still use them today. Every bit helps. You can also roll it back over to buy ads for your business.

Q) Speaking about pay, how do we get paid, Who pays us? How does this all work?

A) Each service and program has it’s own compensation plan. Some will pay you through PayPal, Others may also pay you through Solid Trust Pay. Some may give you a choose. Some even offer you a Pre-paid debit card to receive direct pay. Each service and program explains how you would be paid for your earnings.

Q) What is a Traffic Exchange?

A) A Traffic Exchange is a service to where you can promote your affiliate business site for others to view. How it works is, you can join for free. Most will ask you if you want to upgrade or offer you a one time offer after you join their exchange. This would be your choice. I just join for free. Down the road you can upgrade to the ones you may like the best. This may help to get more traffic (Eyes) to your affiliate web site, ( Business) You may even choose to buy credits, this way you won’t need to spend so much time surfing the Traffic Exchange for credits. It all is a learning experience. 

 To Be Continued :