Unemployed VeteransIt’s beyond sad to see the unemployed and the underpaid struggle in our communities. It’seven more troubling to know that there just aren’t enough good paying jobs to meet the needs of everyone. I have said this before in past, that the true issue isn’t not having a job, it’s not having an income!  There is a solution to this issue and most people haven’t thought about it! It’s right in front of them every day and they are clueless! 

Some Serious Questions and Thoughts:

I have a few questions for you, and they aren’t trick questions. If you were offered to “work” for a fixed hourly pay or salary job would you? If you were offered to “work ”  for an unlimited growing pay that could continue to multiple itself would you? Out of these two offers, which one would you choose? These are not trick questions. It’s what is offered to you every day and you just never realized this. 

Let’s ask another question. If you were able to “work” part time or even full time, the hoursThinking 1 you choose to work , to create  an unlimited growing pay would you? I ask these questions wondering if people are serious about building their future to be what it possibly can be. If we were without a job and an income, what should we do? We have a couple options. Find a job or create our own income. This is what we are all about here at TUG, The Unemployed Genius. We are a solution for those who are wanting to create their own income stream. And we do this in an untraditional way, but in a very modern fashion, Through World Wide Web:

Consider Your Options:

We want you to recognise the true value we offer you here. We are on a serious crusade to “Make a Difference”   in people’s lives. You have it within you to change the destiny of your future and many others as well.  By being a part of this crusade you have the ability to earn as you learn. Create real pay that you can have hands on to help meet your everyday needs. It’s about having total control over every aspect of your life. This valuable income would be a residual income. One that would be there for you even if you were unable to work. I say this because this is what residual income is all about. We do this to be able to leverage our time and earning potential. With this income model, we can take it with us everywhere we go. Meaning we can spend as much time as we please anywhere we go, and still be able to earn and work our business and crusade. 

It’s Called The World Wide Web:

Our business and income model is a simple one to understand. Everything we do is to enhance your ability to build your online business (website) as well earn added income streams as we build traffic to your site. It starts with our primary online tools suit AIOP, All in One Profits.  This is by far the best and lowest cost of online web building tool suit on the internet. It also offers the best compensation payout plan for those who subscribe and share this service. (This is one way we earn)

imagesWe here at TUG, The Unemployed Genius are about helping others from our crusade vision to help build your personal presence on the World Wide Web. At a very low cost. At the same time inspire our users to do the same. Your website (WordPress Blog) can be anything you want for it to be. It can be a hobby, a cause, a purpose, a mission, you just name it! It’s about having fun and earn as you learn. Leveraging this awesome and unique way to earn a residual income that can be taken with you everywhere you go. Having no excuse to not work and earn an income. It benefits anyone who is open to taking total control over their financial future!

If this interest you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. (315) 3135360 EST: Get your questions answered. Learn about our crusade. Then you can make an informed decision based on our conversation. Fair enough? If I am unable to answer the phone, please leave me a message. I will return your call soon as I am available to do so. Meanwhile, I invite you to subscribe our free newsletter to the right of this page. I also have a free gift waiting for you for subscribing. Until we get to talk, have a blessed day!






Franklin McQuaid, (315) 313-5360 EST IamTheUnemployedGenius@gmail.com

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